Every Coffee Lover Must Read!

I used to be a tea lover. That was 2 years ago when I was still in college doing school stuff and life was not as heavy as it is right now. Tea calms you down. It’s a good way to detox after a long drunken night with college parties and all the wild raves happening. Schoolwork? Well, I do not really give so much attention to them. Don’t get me wrong, I regularly attend class and submit assignments but not in a scholarly level. I would rate my student performance at 5/10. I adored tea and the culture that comes with it. But it was short lived. After I graduate from college. Working was the next goal. I made my resume and submitted my job applications to every company that is looking for an entry level employee. I was so hyped and excited to finally break into the corporate world and earn for myself. If I remember right, I got interviewed more than 10 times. I decided to filter the jobs after every interview just to make sure my options were great.

Two months after the rigorous application process, I got hired as real estate broker. It sounded really flashy. I was satisfied with my achievement and went on with the job. After 2 months of working, I discovered that it is just very hard to communicate with people. I had friends but talking o strangers and selling them a house that you don’t really know about is hard. Sometimes, I had to make up stories and describe furniture in sophisticated terms to make it sound more attractive. It gets old really quick but every sealed deal makes all the work worth it. The money is really great.

I found coffee and fell in love with it. As a broker, I had to travel a lot around town to attend appointments and showing clients around homes that are for sale. With all the traveling, marketing, and meeting quotas, I knew time wasn’t by my side. I needed something to inspire me. I am a single man by the way. I needed a quick energy boost when I have to fave new clients. Coffee was the answer. In my opinion, Espresso machines are the way to go because the are very handy and requires less supervision. I found a list of best espresso machines and bought one from it. Justin gives you some info about it.

Everyday, I drink at least one cup of coffee to keep my brain running at an efficient rate. I really love the coffee trend. It makes me so productive. But sometimes, making your own coffee can steal some of your precious time. Buying from coffee shops can hurt your wallet greatly when you do the computations. Invest in an espresso machine. All you need to do is to set it up and it will do miracles for you. I few buttons and voila, quality coffee on the go.

If you are a busy worker like me, I recommend that you check out espresso machines and do your busy schedule a favor. I promise you, it will pay off — mine did.