Boris Johnson confirms Covid isolation laws will be scrapped later this month in PMQs

Olivia Utley

He bought himself some time and actually the time is probably just what he needs because the problem with “partygate” is that it only really lasts as some kind of scandal while people are still in anger about it. I think ending all Covid measures this month will take the sting out of it.

So as long as he can hold out a little longer, people have expressed that anger. Now that they’ve gotten him out of their systems a bit, bringing in Steve Barkley seems like a pretty smart move. Considering he can’t really get rid of anyone, it’s not an absolute masterstroke, but it does buy him some time. And time is probably what he needs.

Mutaz Ahmed

Uh, a desperate word, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to fail. He could still survive this. The greased piglet could be fine and the question that will be asked is: is it safer and is it safer today than it was last month?

And the answer is yes. But there were so many parties. A lot can come out and I’m sure he and his team take it day by day. Will it work? We will see.

Tony diver

I think it was it was a reshuffle that was an invitation to the backbench Tories who were saying, come with me, believe in me again, I’m still the Boris Johnson who won you a huge majority in the last election and I will continue to listen to you.

And it seems, for now, that they have accepted this invitation and are ready to believe it and to hold on a little longer.

But for these MPs, they will need to feel that they have not yet been disappointed. And if it happens another time, I think it’s going to look like curtains.

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