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Chris Pincher, who lost Tory whip after being accused of groping two men, said he was seeking ‘professional medical support’ as he hopes to return to his duties as an MP ‘as soon as possible’.

In a statement, the MP for Tamworth said he ‘respected’ the Prime Minister’s decision to suspend the whip, adding that he would ‘co-operate fully’ with an investigation into his behaviour.

“I respect the Prime Minister’s decision to suspend the Whip while an investigation is ongoing, and I will cooperate fully with him,” he added.

“As I told the Prime Minister, I drank way too much on Wednesday night which embarrassed me and others and I am very sorry for the upset I caused.

“The stress of the last few days, which added to that of the last few months, made me accept to benefit from professional medical support.

“I am looking for that now, and I hope to be able to return to my constituency duties as soon as possible.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come under pressure over his delay in hang Mr. Pincher’s Tory whip.

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Pincher and Johnson powerless over threat of by-election

Jon Craig

Chief Political Correspondent


Chris Pincher’s statement breaking his silence on the drunken groping allegations was both contrite and defiant.

It was contrite because he has pledged to co-operate with the investigation now being undertaken by the Commons’ foolishness watchdog, the Independent Complaints and Grievances Regime.

But it was defiant because he made it clear he had no intention of stepping down as an MP and hoped to return to his constituency duties “as soon as possible”, he said.

That, however, is almost certainly out of his hands. The investigation may take some time, depending on the number of complainants and witnesses.

And if the result is a Commons suspension, there will likely be a recall petition in Tamworth that could trigger a by-election that he and Boris Johnson – after his failed bid to save Owen Paterson – would be powerless to prevent.

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Mr Pincher resign as Deputy Chief Conservative Whip when allegations of groping at the Carlton Club in London emerged on Thursday.

The MP ‘groped two men in front of the others’ at the club in central London’s St James neighborhood, a government source told Sky News.

One of them was an MP, and the second could also be an MP, the source added.

He will now sit as an Independent in the Commons but will remain MP for Tamworth in Staffordshire.

But his future hangs in the balance as critics insist his position is untenable and call for a by-election.

Boris Johnson and Chris Pincher
Boris Johnson and Chris Pincher. Photo: Chris Pincher

The controversy engulfing Mr Pincher comes as a shadow cabinet minister has claimed parliament is ‘not a safe place to work’.

Shadow Armed Forces Minister Luke Pollard told Sky News that “global change” was needed as he called for “higher standards” in politics.

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