FRC Action sues Biden over plane mask warrant

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Belo Horizonte International Airport, Confins, Brazil, March 12, 2021. |

Family Research Center Action on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration over its executive order requiring passengers and airline employees to wear face masks on commercial flights.

FRC Action, the legislative arm of FRC, filed the lawsuit Wednesday in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Division of Fort Worth.

At issue was the implementation of Executive Order 13998, a measure President Joe Biden signed shortly after being sworn in, which mandated the wearing of face masks on commercial flights as a way to curb the spread of COVID. -19.

According to the complaint, when the warrant was due to expire on March 18, the federal government extended it, and “left open the possibility of further extensions.”

“Defendants did not consider natural immunity when imposing the mask mandate in 2021. Nor have these ongoing agency actions been updated to include a discussion of the emerging medical science regarding the lower risk to children from COVID-19 and the increased risks of wearing masks, both of which together should have led to consideration of increasing the age exemption range to a minimum of the mask warrant,” Washington, D.C.-based law firm Schaerr Jaffe argues in the lawsuit.

“The defendants also disregarded the will of the U.S. government [Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency] study regarding the small risk of contracting COVID-19 on a commercial aircraft. These facts alone should lead to an attitude of arbitrariness and caprice.

In addition to FRC Action, the other named plaintiffs include two FRC Action members who reside in Texas, one of whom is Texas State Representative Matthew Krause and a minor identified in court documents as “SP.”

In a statement on Thursday, FRC Chairman Tony Perkins said “this excessive government mask mandate imposed on the 2.9 million Americans who fly on a typical day is not based on science”.

“FRC Action believes that these authoritarian mandates must be challenged,” he added. “The Biden administration, along with a number of other local governments across the country, have exploited the COVID pandemic, used it to needlessly stifle our freedoms and, in some cases, target churches and believers. .”

Signed by Biden the day after his inauguration, EO 13998 required the wearing of face masks in accordance with CDC guidelines in various areas of public transportation, including airports, commercial planes, trains, city buses, sea ferries , among others.

“Science-based public health measures are essential to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) by travelers to the United States and those entering the country from abroad,” the statement said. order.

“As a result, to save lives and allow all Americans, including the millions employed in the transportation industry, to travel and work safely, it is my administration’s policy to implement these measures. public health in accordance with CDC guidelines on public modes of transportation. and at ports of entry into the United States.

Since the mandate took effect, politicians on both sides of the aisle have been pictured without masks on commercial flights, John Kerry, Biden’s presidential special envoy for the climate, who was pictured twice sitting in first class without his mask; Sen. Maxine Waters, D-California, and Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

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