Good deal in Vienna impossible without removal of sanctions: Shamkhani – Politics News

In a message posted on his Twitter account on Monday, Ali Shamkhani said: “The agenda of Iranian negotiators to continue the eighth round of the Vienna talks has been carefully laid out.

“An agreement in which the sanctions that form the maximum pressure are not lifted will condition the economy of the country and cannot be the basis of a Good Deal,” he added.

In comments at a morning press conference, Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said Iran would in no way compromise its principles on the need to end sanctions and benefit from the 2015 nuclear deal during the negotiations in Vienna.

Describing the lifting of sanctions and Iran’s right to enjoy the benefits of the JCPOA as Tehran’s red line in the talks, the spokesman said Washington should have taken the necessary decisions.

Iran and the other participants in the JCPOA have been holding talks in Vienna since April last year with the aim of reviving the agreement by bringing the United States into full compliance.

The United States left the JCPOA in May 2018 under former President Donald Trump. The Vienna talks began on Trump’s successor Joe Biden’s promise to join the deal and repeal the so-called maximum pressure campaign against Iran. Biden, however, has so far failed to undo Trump’s own loss of Barack Obama’s Iran policy, which led to the JCPOA in June 2015.

The eighth round of the Vienna talks began on Dec. 27 with a focus on lifting all sanctions the United States had imposed on Iran following its unilateral withdrawal from the JCPOA. The United States is not allowed to directly attend the talks due to its 2018 withdrawal from the Iran deal.

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