Iran blames U.S. for causing security problems in region – Reuters

In a statement on Saturday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani reacted to comments by John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator at the US National Security Council, on US plans for a integrated air defense between the member states of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council. and Israel.

Kirby told reporters on Thursday: “Bilaterally we’re talking with countries in the region about air defense capabilities in particular and what we can do to help defend them, and then exploring the idea of ​​being able to integrate all those air defenses together. .”

In response, Kanaani said raising such a question is provocative and Iran views the statement as a threat to its national security and also regional security.

He said that the fact that the United States raises and pursues such issues without properly understanding the realities of the region and simply with the aim of portraying Iran as a threat and sowing division in the region shows that what matters to Washington are its own illegitimate interests and the Zionist regime on life support.

Kanaani expressed surprise that the White House official posed as the spokesman for regional countries, the Foreign Ministry website reported.

Contrary to such misguided remarks, Iran has always stressed the need for dialogue and regional cooperation to ensure the security and mutual interests of countries in the region without the interference of extra-regional states, the spokesperson added.

He went on to say that trying to cause new security problems in the region will only undermine the mutual security of the region and serve the security interests of the Zionist regime. Kanaani said that one cannot create a safety margin for the Zionist regime through deception and the promotion of Iranophobia.

Experience has shown that the stockpiling of weapons cannot bring security and that the establishment of joint regional security depends on the collective cooperation between the countries of the region and the maintenance of this cooperation calls for promoting understanding in the region, Kanaani said, adding that Iran has shown seriousness and determination in this area. respect by adhering to its good neighbor policy.

The Foreign Ministry spokesperson pointed out at the end that the entry of foreigners into any regional process not only does not create security and stability, but it will work as a factor of tension and division.

Therefore, he said, just as the United States’ 20-year presence in Iraq and Afghanistan has failed to bring security to those countries, any effort to pave the way for increased US presence in regional security mechanisms will have no results but insecurity, instability and the expansion of terrorism in the region.

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