Iran rejects US president’s accusations at Jeddah summit

Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani reacted early Sunday to the latest remarks by Biden, who accused Iran of destabilizing activities in the West Asia region during a speech at the states summit. regional Arabs in Jeddah on Saturday.

“Around the world, we are seeing efforts to undermine the rules-based order: with China’s increasingly coercive actions in the Indo-Pacific and beyond; with Russia’s brutal and unprovoked war against its neighbor Ukraine; and with Iran’s destabilizing activities,” Biden said.

Kanaani called the US president’s remarks unfounded and unacceptable, saying “such baseless allegations are consistent with Washington’s policy of inciting sedition and creating tension in the region.”

He said that the United States was the only country to have used nuclear weapons and that its history included continuous interference in the internal affairs of countries in the region, military occupation and aggression, massive arms sales and the promotion of militarism in West Asia.

“Once again, the United States is trying to create tensions and crises in the region by resorting to its failed policy of Iranophobia,” he said.

He added that Iran’s strategic policy is to use peaceful nuclear technology within the framework of international rules and regulations while continuing to negotiate the lifting of sanctions imposed on the country.

Kanaani reiterated that Iran pursues a principled and constructive policy of dialogue with its neighbors and intra-regional initiatives.

“Regional governments should respond to the call and initiatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran for (promoting) regional dialogue and cooperation by taking constructive steps towards collective security, peace, stability and joint development,” he said.

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