Iran Sanctions Disrupt Global Economy: Raisi

In a two-hour phone conversation on Saturday evening, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron weighed plans to strengthen cooperation between Tehran and Paris and also discussed regional and international developments and major global challenges. , including food and energy security.

Referring to the significant growth of political and economic cooperation between Iran and different countries around the world, President Raisi called US sanctions against Iran harmful to the global economy, especially Europe.

He also noted that had it not been for Iran’s security-enhancing role in the region, particularly in combating terrorism and supporting territorial integrity and national sovereignty countries, the Islamic State would have declared a caliphate in Europe today. .

The solution to the region’s problems is in the hands of the nations and governments of the region themselves and foreign intervention goes against security and stability, Raisi stressed.

Rejecting war in its principle of resolving disputes between countries and emphasizing the need to strengthen security, the Iranian President stressed that Iran is ready to play a role in ending conflicts in Ukraine and solving problems through the political dialogue.

He also condemned the unconstructive actions and positions of the United States and European countries, and said: “Issue of a resolution at the International Atomic Energy Agency was a crisis action aimed at creating a pressure against the Iranian nation, which undermined political trust. .”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran considers that the conclusion of an agreement depends on the full resolution of the safeguard issues and the provision of the necessary guarantees, including the valid and continued adherence of the parties to the agreement and the provision of the economic interests of the Iranian nation,” the Iranian president said, according to his official website.

For his part, Macron stressed the importance of Iran’s role in the realization of political processes in the region and said: “France supports Iran’s position by opposing the military operations of certain countries of the region against Syria”.

The French president also called for the continuation of his country’s role in the process of concluding nuclear negotiations.

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