Iran’s Muslim Unity Strategy: The President

During a meeting with Sunni clerics and clergy on Sunday, Raisi warned against the spread of takfiri currents in the region.

Describing Muslim unity as a “strategy, not a tactical matter” for the Islamic Republic, the Iranian president said: “We must remain vigilant against the infiltration of Takfiri and Salafist thoughts into the country. British Shiism and American Sunnism are two sides of the same coin and both are against unity in the Islamic world.

He also highlighted the important role of Sunni clerics in Iran’s history, saying that Sunni intellectuals have rendered remarkable services to the motherland while Shia and Sunni Muslims have coexisted for years.

In October 2021 remarks, the leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, described Muslim unity as a fundamental issue, not a tactical one.

“Muslim unity and solidarity is not a tactic in the sense that some people now think we should be united because of certain circumstances. No, it’s a matter of principle. The cooperation of Muslims is necessary. If Muslims are united, they will help each other and all will become strong. When this cooperation exists, even those who want to interact with non-Muslims, which is good, will come into this interaction with both hands,” the leader said during a meeting with Islamic Republic government officials and participants. foreigners at the 35th International Conference of Islamic Unity.

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