‘It’s legalized corruption’: Greens and independents push to clean up politics | Canberra time

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With the upcoming federal election approaching, the Greens and a growing number of independent candidates say major parties are now warned to make concrete changes to clean up politics and show it’s not for sale to big donors . A day after the annual disclosure of political donations by the Australian Electoral Commission, the Greens announced an Election Integrity Platform calling for a ban on political donations from the mining and resources sector and limiting all others donations over $1,000. The party also renewed its call for a strong federal anti-corruption body and wants a crackdown on lobbyists, real-time donation disclosures and a code of conduct for politicians and staff. The Greens are hoping to win the balance of power in this year’s election and, based on the party’s interaction with voters, Deputy Greens Leader Larissa Waters expects integrity to be a priority issue. “It’s clear to us that the public wants a system that’s clean and works for them. It’s not for sale to big donors,” Senator Waters told The Canberra Times. “And I hope the new government will see that too.” The general idea of ​​a Commonwealth Integrity Commission is accepted by the Morrison government and Labour, although there are various models in circulation and the Coalition has yet to introduce legislation to establish its model. The government’s proposed model was widely criticized as toothless and was unlikely to pass the Senate. Senator Waters says voters want change and Greens want to start with the influence of fossil fuel companies and billionaires who have too much influence over politicians. They want former politicians banned as political lobbyists. “People are really pissed that the big bucks seem to have bought our politics, and they want their democracy back,” she said. “It’s corruption. It’s legalized corruption and people are fed up that their democracy isn’t working for them.” They’ve seen a government screw up everything pandemic-related, and yet it somehow manages to find millions and billions for its political donors, especially the big mining and gas corporations. Bradfield Federal Headquarters Nicolette Boele promises a higher level of transparency than is currently required by law, “The ACS requires that donors with amounts over $14,500 be disclosed. I will disclose donor details for amounts over $1,500,” she said at her campaign launch. “I also won’t accept donations from companies that exist for profit. I have absolutely no problem with the pursuit of profit – our free market could not exist without it – but it has no place in politics.” “I plan to bring that insistence on transparency to our government. We have a right to know the criteria ministers use to make the many decisions that fall within their portfolios. So the kind of sunshine I hope I can bring in government can be uncomfortable for some.” The Greens are also committed to strengthening freedom of information laws and the Federal Parliament’s Register of Interests. Our reporters work hard to provide up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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