JCPOA negotiators return from Vienna, expert talks continue – Reuters

In accordance with an agreement between the heads of delegations, the chief negotiators of Iran and the three European countries returned to their respective capitals on Friday to handle political affairs and hold consultations for two days, the ministry’s website reported. Iranian Foreign Affairs.

However, the expert negotiations will continue uninterrupted and the return of the chief negotiators to their countries does not mean that the 8th round of talks has stopped.

The eighth round of talks between Iran and the other signatories to the 2015 deal kicked off last week in the Austrian capital, as sources familiar with the talks say the Iranian team is insisting on a long-term deal and reliable, rejecting a tentative deal.

On Thursday, Iran’s chief negotiator Ali Baqeri and Enrique Mora, the European Union’s deputy foreign policy chief and head of the Joint Commission for the nuclear deal, officially known as the Action Plan Global Joint (JCPOA), as well as representatives of the three European signatories of the agreement held separate meetings.

Reports suggest that the factual verification of the lifting of US sanctions, which had been one of the main issues opposed by Western parties, has been officially acknowledged and a discussion on verification mechanisms is still ongoing.

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