King of Jordan concerned about Syria’s revival: analyst

In an article titled “King of Jordan Worried About Syria’s Revival,” Russian political scientist Damir Nazarov explained the reasons for Jordan’s concern about stability in Syria.

Here is the text of the article:

Recently, the Jordanian autocracy has increasingly called for “countering” arms smuggling from Syria and alleged “drug trafficking” in that country. The appeal of King Abdallah and his entourage is addressed above all to the Americans and their regional puppets. Discussions about the need to fight drug cartels took place in the context of Abdullah’s visit to Florida and a meeting with Centcom terrorists. Florida is also known for its irreconcilable struggle with Latin American drug cartels, that is, the cunning king calculated everything and gave his trip frank symbolism.

During the eight years of war in Syria, Jordan never mentioned the “problem of drug trafficking”, but now Amman is trying by all means to prove that “whole cartels” live on the border with the Syrian Republic. However, the facts show that Jordan is seeking a new war against Syria not at all because of “drug trafficking”, the main reason being the local IRGC proxies, who have already established a military supply corridor for the resistance. Palestinian in the West Bank. Pro-government newspapers and websites have been actively writing in recent months about “pro-Iranian militias” as “the main problem for the stability of Syria and Jordan”. This is how the autocracy tries to turn the public against Tehran and Damascus.

What is Abdullah trying to accomplish? Amman is trying to create the impression of a “threat” to his regime from Syria and, therefore, eliminate it. To do this, the autocracy is trying to call on Washington and London to help it carry out a “military operation” against Syria. As an argument, the fact of the AT-Tanf base, where the units of the American occupiers are already located, is given.

Abdallah’s autocracy is not giving up on creating a new crisis for Syria and is pushing for a new Pentagon intervention. So Amman wants to kill two birds with one stone, 1 – to weaken the Syrian allies of the IRGC, 2 – to push back the forces of the Islamic Resistance of Iraq, which are quietly moving inside the Syria-Iraq border triangle and Jordan.

The king’s concerns over the neighborhood with Iran’s allies turned to panic after he learned that the Russian armed forces were allegedly reducing their contingent in Syria. According to Abdallah, a vacuum has now formed in southern Syria, which will be filled by pro-Iranian forces. For some reason, the Jordanian autocrat complained about Russia during a meeting with the Americans. Why? The king probably thinks that “someone” loyal to the Americans will have to “replace” the Russians in southern Syria. It should be reminded in Amman that since 2018, pro-Iranian militias have taken control of the border with Jordan in places, after which the supply of weapons to the southern Syrian insurgency has been blocked. As for the presence of the Russian Federation in southern Syria, it does not matter whether it stays or leaves, since the Russian Ministry of Defense simply does not interfere in the issues of the “cold war” between the ‘Axis of the Resistance’ and the pro-American lackey regions.

The ambitious plans of the autocrat of Amman hide a new plan of Zionism to prevent a revolution in Jordan. The occupiers of the holy land are well aware that the monarchy is hanging on the brink, and the IRGC’s allies in Syria are growing stronger every day, accelerating the process of the Jordanian regime’s collapse. The fall of a key regional ally of Zionism will open the doors for the formation of a new springboard of resistance, where the main role will go to yesterday’s Palestinian refugee camps, which make up 80-90% of Jordan’s population. .

Of course, the king will not be left alone when the autocracy collapses, because Abdallah’s father also signed a number of points on “mutual aid” with the Zionist regime. Take, for example, the story of the confrontation between the Palestinians and King Hussein in 1970, when Zionism and the United States gave maximum support to the Hashemite monarchy, and the Great Satan was not limited to a war against the Palestinians, Syria was also attacked because of the support of Palestinian organizations.

Well, as Abdullah prepares for battles against the Syrian branches of the IRGC and Hezbollah, other Islamic political forces are gradually infiltrating Jordan. Rumors are therefore circulating about the appearance of representatives of the al-Qassam Brigade and the possible return of a well-known figure in the Islamic opposition, Laith Shubeylat.

King PS Abdallah does not only have plans against Syria. For example, vis-à-vis another neighbour, the Jordanian autocracy is preparing a political provocation.

We have learned that a conference of the Baathists of Iraq was held in Amman. His goal is to infiltrate fugitive supporters of Saddam’s regime in Iraq to destroy the country. The Hashemite Monarchy, with American approval, has long been a stronghold for Iraqi Baathists to exert negative influence on Baghdad. But now the situation has changed and with the help of the officials of the deposed regime, King Abdullah is trying to prevent an alliance between the Palestinians, the opposition of Jordan on the one hand and the Islamic factor of Iraq from the other.

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