Leader calls for strategic plan for Iranian industry

A group of Iranian manufacturers and officials from economic and industrial sectors met with Ayatollah Khamenei in Tehran on Sunday.

In a speech at the meeting, the leader pointed to the failure of Iran’s enemies and said, “The maximum pressure campaign has led to the dismal failure of the United States. These are the words of the US State Department. Their spokesperson said the maximum pressure campaign against Iran has led to the dismal failure of the United States.

Ayatollah Khamenei added that the goal of “the enemy’s economic war was the collapse of the Iranian economy. Of course, the collapse of the economy would have been only a prelude. By destroying the Iranian economy, they sought to turn the people against the Islamic Republic and achieve their vicious political goals.

“Today, production is jihad. Not all businesses are jihad. Jihad is any endeavor that relates to and confronts the enemy’s attacks and movements. Today, the hostility of enemies towards our country’s economy is evident,” the leader added.

“Every time we trusted our kids and asked them to do a task, they literally shone. This was true in everything from creating COVID-19 vaccines to manufacturing precision missiles. In terms of COVID-19 vaccines, they have produced the best vaccines. We must appreciate these talents,” the leader said, Khamenei.ir reported.

“I don’t agree with state officials and government agencies intervening in economic activities, but I do agree with them guiding, supervising and assisting those activities. This must certainly be done,” Ayatollah Khamenei noted.

“Glory to God, the country’s bastion of production and economy stands firm. Skilled entrepreneurs and economic managers are the army that stood against the enemy and the officers in this sacred defense, while workers are the sincere and pure fighters in this battle,” the leader added.

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