Letter: Politics makes COVID worse | Letters

Douglas County Commissioner Chris Rodgers, right, and city health director Dr. Lindsay Huse announce a temporary mask mandate for the city of Omaha alongside outside the county health office Douglas in Omaha on Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2022. (Anna Reed/Omaha World-Herald via AP)

Anna Roseau

Every day there is a shocking juxtaposition of stories in the daily grind.

One story says local hospitals are in emergency mode due to being overwhelmed with COVID patients. Another story says the GOP-filled Supreme Court overturns vaccination mandates for workplaces.

One story goes that a local health department is implementing mask mandates to protect the community from the explosion of COVID cases. Another story says the state’s Republican attorney general is suing to overturn the health measure.

One story says overcrowded public schools are forced to go on limited days of the week due to teacher and staff shortages due to COVID cases. Another story says the Republican governor brags about his opposition to mask mandates.

Has anyone else felt a pattern? The community is ravaged by a plague. Democrats are trying to implement sensible, science-based public health measures to deal with it. Republicans are trying to block all of these measures.

It’s almost as if the Republicans want to extend the plague as long as possible because they think it’s for their political benefit. Maybe it’s time to prove them wrong.

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