Liz Truss pledges 100% support for Boris Johnson despite rumors of leadership ambitions

NOTo 10 has insisted senior civil servant Sue Gray’s investigation into the gatherings in Whitehall during the Covid-19 restrictions is independent.

Ms Gray’s investigation has always been described as “independent” despite being a senior civil servant.

Asked about the independent nature of the investigation, a spokesperson for the Prime Minister replied: “Yes, it is true. It is up to this investigation, to this team, to establish the facts, we have already said…it’s an independent investigation team, I think we defined that from the start.”

The spokesman was asked what made the investigation independent, and he replied: “Well, as we have indicated, it is independently run by an official who has been asked to establish the facts .”

Earlier today the business secretary said it would be ‘really irresponsible’ to suggest senior civil servant Sue Gray could be swayed.

He told Times Radio: “I think it’s really irresponsible to suggest that there will be undue pressure on Sue Gray.

“She is extremely well regarded in Whitehall. She is an impressive public servant, a dedicated public servant and she will do a great job.

“I think it’s really pointless to suggest there’s any undue pressure or influence exerted on her.”

Read the full profile of the senior civil servant investigating the Downing Street parties here.

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