Modi wants to ‘delete the story’, claims TMC MP Sougata Roy

Trinamool Congress Leader Sougata Roy claimed on Wednesday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi wanted to “suppress history” and was attacking secularism and federalism.

Speaking on the President’s speech vote of thanks, Roy criticized the Prime Minister on several issues including the merger of ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’ at India Gate with the National War Memorial, and the West Bengal tableau not being included in the Republic Day parade. .

”There was nothing new in the presidential speech. But there are a lot of things that are not mentioned in the president’s speech that I want. Why was the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate extinguished? Was it because he had been initiated by Indira Gandhi? Mr Modi wants the story deleted,’ the TMC chief said.

“Why was Netaji’s painting of West Bengal canceled during the Republic Day parade,” he asked.

Noting that the Modi government had set up a hologram until a granite statue was built at the India Gate for Netaji, Roy claimed that the hologram had “disappeared from the India Gate and with that the BJP’s love for Netaji was gone.”

The prime minister is “hitting” two of the basic tenets – one secularism and the other federalism, Roy said.

Some of Roy’s remarks about leaders have been removed.

He also attacked Home Secretary Amit Shah for repealing Article 370 and said militant activity continued. He asked why Farooq Abdullah had been imprisoned following the repeal of Article 370.

Roy also criticized the government over the Central Vista project and called it “a waste of money”.

Noting that a Supreme Court committee was looking into the Pegasus spyware issue, the TMC leader said the opposition could have stalled the House on the issue.

”We didn’t and allowed the debate. But that doesn’t mean we can’t raise Pegasus, we can raise it whenever we want,’ he said and accused the government of ‘murdering democracy’ and engaging in spying.

Earlier, DMK leader TR Baalu ​​raised the issue of Tamil Nadu Governor delaying a National Eligibility and Entrance Test Bill.

A bill passed by the Tamil Nadu Assembly to exempt the state from the test is pending consideration by the governor. NCP member Amol Kolhe, addressing the House, said it seemed that in this ‘Amrit Kaal’, young people had been steered away from the path of development and ‘fed on the poison of communalism, unemployment and poverty. hate speech”.

“It is the responsibility, not only of the government but of all of us to revive them by giving the nectar of the idea of ​​India,” said Kolhe, who represents Shirur in the Lok Sabha.

Referring to Skill India, he said the success of any mission is measured by the achievement of its ultimate goal.

”Skill India’s ultimate goal is job creation. This government had promised two crores of jobs each year, but the data suggests that five crores of people are currently out of work. Apart from startup, we need to strengthen MGNREGA and consider starting an urban version of MGNREGA,” he said.

Kolhe also expressed concern about the state of the media, which is an important pillar of democracy.

”In 2014, the Prime Minister said ‘democracy will not last if we cannot guarantee freedom of speech and expression’. But, the reality is that on the World Press Freedom Index, India ranks 142nd out of 180 nations. In 2020, no less than 67 journalists were arrested and 200 assaulted,” the NCP member said.

”I am proud of my religion as everyone should be. But when religious pride turns into religious frenzy, then it certainly harms the unity and humanity of the nation,” Kolhe said.

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