Queen’s example can show us how to live with Covid, minister says as rules to end

JThe Queen’s example can show us how to live with Covid, a minister has said as two years of domestic restrictions are about to come to an end.

Boris Johnson will meet his Cabinet this morning and is then expected to address MPs this afternoon to set out Britain’s long-term coronavirus strategy.

The changes come a day after it was confirmed that the monarch, who is 95, had tested positive for the virus but would be going through a ‘mild and cold illness’.

Paul Scully, the minister for small businesses, told Sky News: “She’s still working but she’s working from home, she’s working in isolation. And that’s exactly what we’re talking about, learning to live with Covid.

“We are able to give back their freedoms to the greatest number, to the greatest number [to] go about their business in allowing the economy to recover, but this cannot come at the expense of human life and well-being. But we absolutely have to find that balance.”

Stressing the need to treat Covid in the same way as the flu, he added: “It is important that we do not live under government dictate for any longer than is necessary to enable the economy to recover, to allow people to return to a sense of normalcy while protecting people, clearly.”

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