The way is paved for the finalization of the comprehensive agreement between Iran and Russia (president) – Politics News

In comments during a meeting with a group of Russian economic activists and businessmen, held in Moscow on Thursday, Raisi said that arrangements had been made for the finalization of the document on comprehensive cooperation between the Iran and Russia.

Commenting on his Wednesday meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he said they discussed bilateral, regional and international issues.

“Mr. Putin and I shared the point of view that it is necessary to better exploit the potential for cooperation between Iran and Russia,” Raisi added, stressing the need to put the North-South corridor into operation and to solve the problems facing economic activists.

Neighborhood as well as common interests and common enemies compel Iran and Russia to expand cooperation, the president noted, saying the two states should push for progress and development as foreigners become unable to infiltrate the region for the achievement of their political or cultural objectives.

Raisi arrived in Moscow on Wednesday and held a meeting with his Russian counterpart.

The Iranian president is accompanied by the ministers of foreign affairs, oil and economy on the trip.

This is Raisi’s third trip abroad after taking office in August 2021. He has previously visited Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

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