US Supreme Court plays Republican politics with vaccine ruling

We can never control the pandemic as long as governments. Ron DeSantis, Greg Abbott and other Republicans are blocking cities, counties, school boards and private businesses from enforcing mask and vaccine mandates/passports. We now have the United States Supreme Court joining them, with its ruling that President Biden cannot use the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration to enforce vaccination mandates in private companies. and for caregivers not receiving Medicare or Medicaid payments.

Of course, DeSantis and his cronies will continue to blame President Biden for not stopping the pandemic they are prolonging. Where in the Constitution does it say an American can take actions that can infect and possibly kill another American? It’s like the patient who blames the doctor for not getting better after refusing to follow the treatment or take the medicine.

Ray Belongie, sunrise

Florida gets a ‘1984’ vibe

having read Chronicle of Frank Cerabino on proposed registration of public school teachers for parental review of “incidents” and actions parents could take against a teacher for essentially any reason a parent deems appropriate, as well as Governor DeSantis reading on Fox News about the “political agenda” liberal teachers want In order to teach kids to hate this country, I wonder if DeSantis is intentionally trying to lead our country into an Orwellian dystopia, or if he’s just an irresponsible demagogue saying anything that annoys his base to advance his own political agenda. Has DeSantis ever read “1984” and, if so, make the connection to what’s happening in America today?

Bill Godshall, Boca Raton

Biden underestimates the GOP

During Wednesday’s press conference, President Biden said, “I didn’t expect there to be such a sustained effort to make sure that the most important thing was that President Biden didn’t do anything. nothing.” What exactly did the president think would happen? Did Biden believe a magic collaboration fairy would come along and bridge the gap? The extremist wings of both parties revel in the “comfort of ideological certainty and the pleasure of being right”. All this to the detriment of their constituents. Maybe the president should take off his rose-colored glasses. Seeing the world in a positive light is fine, but not if it hinders your ability to identify red flags ahead.

Robert Coleman, Palm Beach Gardens

Biden is presidential

I had the pleasure of watching a two hour press conference given by a person who has truly proven himself to be emotionally and intellectually equipped to be President, Joe Biden. Biden never uttered “fake news” or “get him out of here.” He didn’t come down from the podium in a whistle fit over an exaggerated sense of self, as his predecessor did on numerous occasions. We really need more people in public office like Joe Biden, unlike the cowards who still bow down to twice-impeached embarrassment.

Daniel Jacobson, Lake Worth

What’s good for the goose…

While watching C-Span during a congressional voting session, as votes were being cast, a voice announced that Congressman So-and-so would have his vote cast by Congressman XYZ. It got me thinking. If members of Congress can have their votes “delivered” by someone else, why can’t citizens like you and me deliver votes to the Office of the Supervisor of Elections on behalf of someone who requested ?

David Swift, Lake Worth

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