Youngkin campaign slammed for spitting on Twitter with teenager | Government and politics

Democrats responded immediately, calling on Youngkin to apologize to Lynne. The attack on Northam has garnered less attention, since Northam is a public and adult figure, although it goes against Youngkin’s public thanks to the Democrat for an “incredibly cooperative” transition.

The Youngkin team deleted the tweet late Sunday morning but offered no apology.

Lynne, in an interview with the Post on Sunday, said: “A governor’s campaign account attacked a miner – for me that was a new low.” He said the campaign tweet was deleted after more than 12 hours, adding: “I received no apologies, no communication, nothing.

Youngkin’s spokeswoman, Macaulay Porter, did not respond to questions from The Post regarding the tweet. Matt Wolking, a spokesperson for the Youngkin campaign who continues to work for the governor as a strategist at Axiom Strategies, responded to questions sent to Porter but did not specify who wrote the tweet.

Wolking said the Youngkin team decided to remove the post after learning belatedly that Lynne – identified on Twitter as “Virginian. HS Senior. Democrat.” — was underage. Wolking called Lynne a “Democratic Party official” and suggested that Democrats had made Lynne a fair target by previously promoting him on Twitter.

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