Bilawal seeks better ties with US, says ‘I am against the politics of hate, division and polarization’

Stating that it is particularly “anti-hate-politics, division and polarization”, Pakistani Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari said the country must continue to engage with the United States at all levels. In an interview with an international news agency, the Pakistani leader said: “I am particularly anti-politics of hatred, division and polarization”.

“If we constantly pursue politics – with us or against us, whether internationally or domestically. I don’t think it will serve the interests of the Pakistani people,” he added. The top Pakistani diplomat concluded his first trip to the United States during which he attended a global conference on food security and held meetings with US and UN officials.

He described the meeting with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken as “very encouraging and very positive and productive”. “This meeting was indeed an important first step and we believe that Pakistan must continue to engage with the United States at all levels,” he said.

Bilawal said that in the past, relations between the two countries remained under the influence of events in Afghanistan. “The relationship between Pakistan and the United States in the past has been overly colored by events in Afghanistan geostrategic and geopolitical and it is time for us to move beyond that to commit to a relationship. much broader, deeper and meaningful,” he said. mentioned.

The Pakistani foreign minister also insisted that the world must deal with the collapsing humanitarian and economic crisis in Afghanistan. “Regardless of what we think of the regime in Afghanistan, the world cannot abandon the Afghan people,” Bilawal said. “The total collapse of the Afghan economy would be a disaster for the people of Afghanistan, Pakistan and the international community,” he added.

Speaking about coordination in the economy, defense and military, Bilawal said, “If we continue to engage, then we can move in a more positive direction.” He also rejected Imran Khan’s accusation of a US plot to overthrow his government through a motion of no confidence and called it “a fanciful conspiracy theory based on a big lie”.

Commenting on his upcoming visit to China, Bilawal Bhutto said, “I don’t think our growing relationship with the United States will harm relations with China. (ANI)

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