Boris Johnson accuses Labor of being in ‘Doctor Who time warp’ on ‘partygate’ as he refuses to quit

LOrd Bew, chairman of the House of Lords Nominations Committee (Holac), told MPs there was ‘no pressure’ on them when it came to granting Lord Lebedev a peerage .

Questions have been raised over whether Boris Johnson asked anyone in the security service to revise, reconsider or withdraw his assessment of the media mogul, whose father was a KGB officer, before his appointment in November 2020.

Lord Bew, an unattached peer, told the Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC) this morning that, although Lord Lebedev was a ‘unique’ case involving security checks, the committee had approved his peerage without interference.

“There was no pressure on this candidate – I think that’s probably worth saying,” the historian said.

He said the committee had requested more information from the security services to understand what information they were sharing, but denied that a ‘warning’ had been sent to Mr Johnson about the appointment.

“We did what we often do: we said ‘You told us ‘x’, you really need to tell us more’,” Lord Bew said.

“They didn’t say, ‘what we said in the first place was wrong’. They said, “Here’s a little more, here’s a little more.” That’s how it goes, it’s a process of elaboration, a process of clarification, we have to know as much as possible.

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