Ettore Messina: “I don’t agree that sport should stay out of politics” / News

AX Armani Exchange Milan head coach Ettore Messina has shared his thoughts on the latest EuroLeague and FIBA ​​rulings regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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The Italian basketball teacher has commented on the suspension of Russian teams at Sky Sport.

According to him, the suspension is a fair judgment: “There is no sport claiming to be a world in itself. I am convinced that it was important that the international federations established a mechanism by which they suspended the Russian teams. . “

“I don’t agree with those who say sport should stay out of politics because everything we do in life is political, every position we take is political,” the 62-year-old added. years.

However, Messina wasn’t entirely happy with the EuroLeague’s abilities to control and monitor the outgoing situation. According to the four-time EuroLeague champion, the strongest continental league lacks more clarity.

“I would have liked more clarity from the EuroLeague. Let’s suspend everything until March 21 and then see… It’s something that helps the competition, but it’s not a position against what is happening,” Messina said.

Ettore Messina also expressed the devastating war after the last EuroLeague battle against Olympiacos Piraeus.

After a brief comment on the competition, the Italian coach had a few words of sympathy for Ukrainian official Boris Ryzhyk, who captained the EuroLeague Round 27 clash in Piraeus.

“I would like to express our sympathy to referee Borys Rhyzyk,” Messina told the post-match presser.

“I can’t even imagine what he is going through, he who traveled here on such a horrible day for Europe, with the start of the war in Ukraine,” he added.

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