‘Go now’: What the newspapers are saying about the Conservatives’ double defeats in the by-elections | Policy

The crisis engulfing Boris Johnson’s premiership could be reaching a terminal stage, judging by the press reaction to the Tories’ humiliating double by-election losses in Wakefield and Tiverton and Honiton.

The The telegraph of the daythe traditional Tory party voice, caused a stir with the headline “Tory rebels plot next step to overthrow Prime Minister”, and reports that “Prime Minister’s enemies push for control of 1922 committee after by-election defeats” .

'Tory rebels plot next move to unseat PM'#TomorrowsPapersToday

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— The Telegraph (@Telegraph) June 24, 2022n","url":"https://twitter.com/Telegraph/status/1540436612143874057","id":"1540436612143874057","hasMedia":false,"role":"inline","isThirdPartyTracking":false,"source":"Twitter","elementId":"18730aa4-5d58-4f54-82a0-1be749a28067"}}'>

The Time has a very similar story under the headline ‘Prime Minister faces new Tory threat’ and quotes a minister saying some disgruntled ministers facing sacking in an upcoming government reshuffle could quit and carry out ‘pre-emptive strikes’ against Johnson.

“Big Tories Tell Johnson After Historic Defeat: Go For It,” is the main story of the Guardian, focusing on the words of Conservative party chairman Oliver Dowden, who resigned following by-election defeats and wrote in a scathing resignation letter: ‘We cannot carry on as business as usual . Someone has to take responsibility.

The Mirror said “Go now,” echoing former Tory leader Michael Howard’s plea that the party would be “better off” if Johnson quit.

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— The Mirror (@DailyMirror) June 24, 2022n","url":"https://twitter.com/DailyMirror/status/1540437619867262978","id":"1540437619867262978","hasMedia":false,"role":"inline","isThirdPartyTracking":false,"source":"Twitter","elementId":"87ba640d-7cf8-4380-a30c-e0866b25f6f5"}}'>

The Express strikes a defiant tone with the headline “Boris vows to fight in next general election…and win!”.

Front page of the Saturday Express

But the fear raging in the Conservative ranks is underscored by the Mail splash, which is about Sajid Javid demanding that Labor and the Lib Dems “speak plainly” what he says is an unofficial coalition designed to oust Boris Johnson. “Javid: Tell the public the truth about the anti-conservative pact,” the headline read.

The FT reports that “Johnson faces a new crisis as the Conservatives lose two byelections and their party chairman,” but the introduction on its front page is about America’s big news: “America’s highest court dismisses Roe against Wade in a blow for the right to abortion”.

The I also leads on abortion history, but carries what it calls an “exclusive” front-page story saying “Johnson threatened with another vote of no confidence.”

Front page of the i
The first page of the i

The Scottish says “the Tories are plotting like Johnson said ‘go now’ for the sake of the party”.

The Yorkshire Postwhose region includes many Tory MPs whose majorities are vulnerable in the next general election, is leading with “the prime minister prepared for voter ‘attacks'”.

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