Iran Constantly Monitors Zionist Movements: Army Commander

In comments during Friday prayers in Tehran, Brigadier General Kiomars Heidari said Iran had received information during the 2021 war in the Karabakh region that the forces of the “illegitimate Israeli regime” were present in one of the countries at war and intended to change the regional geopolitical situation.

Referring to a military exercise launched by the army in northwestern Iran at that time, the general said that two major and strategic conditions set by Iran had been met during the conflict. “We announced that we would not allow any changes in the geopolitics of the region, and secondly, the elements of the Zionist regime must leave this region.”

Brigadier General Heidari noted that Iran was still monitoring Zionist movements.

He also pointed to the heavy military presence along Iran’s borders, saying the country enjoys a high level of security.

Last month, the commander described Iran as the safest country in the region, warning attackers that any foolish gesture would be treated seriously.

In December 2021 comments, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi warned enemies that any belligerent move would result in such a decisive response from Iranian military forces that it would cause a significant shift in the strategic equations.

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