Iraq opposed to intimidation and sanctions against nations: Top MP

Speaking at a joint press conference with his Iranian counterpart in Tehran on Wednesday, the Iraqi parliament speaker said: “We should not allow nations to be targeted for sanctions and intimidation and should not allow armed groups to act against countries”.

Calling for an end to the violation of nations’ sovereignty and removal of obstacles to countries’ development, Halbousi expressed hope that closer relations between Baghdad and Tehran would serve the interests of both nations.

“Stability in Iran has a positive impact on Iraq and the region, in the same way that stability in Iraq would affect Iran and the region,” he added.

Highlighting Iraq’s push for proxy diplomacy to settle regional problems, Halbousi described negotiations, understanding and consultations as the solution to problems between neighbors.

“The countries of the region must adopt common positions in international forums, because we face common challenges. Calm and stability must return to the region,” he said.

For his part, Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, said that the policy of the Iranian Parliament is based on expanding relations with neighboring and regional countries.

Stressing the need to strengthen political, economic and cultural ties between Tehran and Baghdad, Qalibaf said Iran is also considering cooperation with Iraq in the environmental sector.

“The strong bilateral ties between Iran and Iraq are influential regionally and internationally,” he added.

Qalibaf also noted that Iran is asking the Iraqi government and parliament to allow land routes to reopen to Iranian pilgrims intending to visit the neighboring country during the Arbaeen season.

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