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Edward A. Rath III

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Two incumbent state senators, Democrat Sean Ryan and Republican Edward Rath III, will face off in November’s general election in the 61st Senate District after both won primary elections on Tuesday night.

Ryan beat Democratic challenger Benjamin Carlisle while Ryan beat fellow Republican Joel Giambra, who quit campaigning, with 80% of Election Day votes counted.

9:45 p.m.: Rep. Brian Higgins wins primary for 26th congressional district

Representative Brian Higgins won his Democratic primary race against Emin Egriu in the 26th congressional district.

Egriu vs. Higgins

Buffalo contractor Emin “Eddie” Egriu and Rep. Brian Higgins.

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In Erie County, with 43% of Election Day votes counted and 100% of early vote tallies, Higgins had 92% of the vote, Egriu had 8% as of 9:45 p.m.

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In Niagara County, Higgins had an almost identical lead with the early voting results counted, at 9:45 p.m.

It’s Higgins’ first main challenge since 2004.

The redesigned district covers much of the existing 26th—Buffalo, its most populated suburbs, and Niagara Falls—but replaces several towns in southern Erie County with more of western Niagara County.

The 26th district remains strongly Democratic and Tuesday’s winner will be preferred in November against Republican Steven Sams II.

Debates between candidates? Not in these races

Debates give voters a chance to hear candidates take and defend positions on key issues and they have been a mainstay of the political process for decades.

Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul and Republican Lee Zeldin, their parties’ respective candidates for governor this fall, debated their opponents in the weeks leading up to the gubernatorial primaries in June.

But debates weren’t trending in the main primary races, which end Tuesday, for state Senate and congressional seats covering parts of western New York.

Langworthy Vs, Paladino 2

Today’s showdown between Republicans Carl P. Paladino, left, and Nicholas A. Langworthy for the new 23rd congressional district is unlikely to lead to long lines at the polls.

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State GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy pushed businessman Carl Paladino to agree to a round of debates in their Republican primary in the 23rd congressional district, but Paladino refused.

Representative Brian Higgins, a longtime incumbent in the 26th congressional district, and challenger Eddie Egriu, a local businessman, did not debate in their Democratic primary.

State Sen. Sean Ryan, a Democrat from Buffalo, and challenger Ben Carlisle did not debate, even though Carlisle on Twitter pushed Ryan to agree to debate.

And Rep. Claudia Tenney, a Republican who recently moved to Canandaigua to run in the redesigned 24th congressional district, also did not debate her GOP challenger Mario Fratto.

Fratto said the radio and television appearances originally offered at the debates ended up being solo interviews with him after Tenney declined debate invites.

Fratto told The Buffalo News that he recognizes that candidates’ willingness to debate depends on the circumstances of their race — incumbents, for example, are less likely to want to engage with a perceived long-running contender — and opinions on the debates may evolve.

Paladino, in fact, happily debated Andrew Cuomo when they both ran for governor in 2010, though the panel included five other candidates from minor parties. (Who could forget Jimmy McMillan from the Rent Is Too Damn High party?)

“I don’t blame her,” Fratto said of Tenney. “I wouldn’t argue if I was her either.”

9:10 p.m .: The parties for Paladino and Langworthy are quite different

They’re both Republicans, but the styles of Carl Paladino and Nick Langworthy couldn’t be more different. And these divergent styles were evident when the two campaigns held watch parties at the end of the polls.

Nick Langworthy's Primary Election Party

A lonely man walks into the nondescript Clarence, NY office building where 23rd Congressional District candidate Nick Langworthy is hosting his primary election night.

Libby Mars

In Clarence, a nondescript office building owned by Casilio Companies was advertised as Langworthy’s headquarters, but not much was happening there as of 8:30 p.m.

A handful of campaign staff have moved in to set up tents. A volunteer stood outside, making last-minute calls to voters. There was no music, no big-screen TVs and no apparent crowd of fans discussing the race. The media were separated from other guests.

“It’s a Tuesday night in August,” joked one volunteer, aware of the odd nature of a special midsummer primary.

In Orchard Park, a bustling crowd infiltrated Carl Paladino’s main night watch party at a banquet hall, The Wings Meeting Place.

Paladino Election Night

Carl Paladino supporter Lily Wisnewski carries a ‘Carl Country’ sign as she mingles on her election night at Wings Meeting Place in Orchard Park, Tuesday, August 23, 2022.

Derek Gee/Buffalo News

At least 50 people were spread across several rooms in the venue, where a cash bar was doing bustling business and campaign volunteers were handing out white “Carl Country” T-shirts.

A lectern has been set up in front of four American flags on a small stage where Paladino will deliver his speech.

Assemblyman David DiPietro, a Republican from East Aurora, and Steven Sams II, the GOP challenger who will face the winner of Rep. Brian Higgins-Eddie Egriu’s Democratic primary in the 26th congressional district, were among the candidates present.

–Charlie Specht and Stephen T. Watson

9 p.m.: The polling stations are closed

New York state polls close at 9 p.m.

Check for race results in Western New York.

Will Claudia Tenney be in another nailbiter?

US Representative Claudia Tenney takes on political newcomer Mario Fratto in Tuesday’s Republican primary for the redesigned and deeply conservative 24e Congressional District.

Claudia Tenney_Mario Fratto Mix

Mario Fratto and Representative Claudia Tenney are vying for the Republican line for the 24th congressional district.

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While Tenney has a major fundraising advantage and an internal campaign poll predicts she will win on Tuesday, Tenney has faced several close contests in the past.

Tenney, who currently represents the 22n/a District, lost that seat in 2018 by around 4,500 votes before regaining it in 2020 by just 109 votes after a new ballot that took three months to settle.

Go back further and Tenney, while serving in the State Assembly, unsuccessfully challenged then-U.S. Representative Richard Hanna in 2014 in the Republican primary for the 22ndn/a Congressional District. Hanna got 53% of the vote, compared to 47% for Tenney.

Tenney won the 22n/a District two years later in 2016, securing 46.5% of the vote in a three-candidate race.

We’ll see how it goes tonight.

8:41 p.m .: Where are the boundaries of these congressional districts?

Every 10 years, New York State changes the boundaries of its congressional, state senate, and state assembly districts.

This year, the process became so contentious that the state’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, ruled that the boundaries drawn by the Legislative Assembly were unconstitutional and that a court-appointed special master drew new frontiers.

Court of Final Appeals Approved 2022 Map of Congressional Districts

A map showing the new congressional districts in New York State. Buffalo developer Carl Paladino runs against state Republican Party Chairman Nick Langworthy in a Republican primary in the 23rd congressional district; Representative Claudia Tenney, who now represents a district in central New York, is running against Geneva businessman Mario Fratto in the 24th district; and Rep. Brian Higgins is running against businessman Emin Egriu in a 26th District Democratic primary.

If you’re like me and have trouble keeping up with what’s in the new 23rd congressional district, where the 24th congressional district is, or if you live in the 26th district, this map is just what you need .

Republican voter turnout

Republican Erie County Inspector Karen Tanner and Democratic Erie County Inspector Barbara Wetzel help Mike Kraus log in to vote at the Lancaster Twin District Fire Department in Lancaster on Tuesday August 23, 2022.

Joseph Cooke/Buffalo News

8:25 p.m .: A rare election evening in August

In a rare August election, voters in Western New York will elect a congressman to represent the former 23rd congressional district for four months and Republican and Democratic candidates to run for office in November in three newly drawn congressional districts.

Turnout is expected to be low in all three primaries – Republicans Carl Paladino and Nick Langworthy in NY-23’s most intense fight; Republicans Claudia Tenney, Mario Fratto and George Phillips in NY-24; and Democrats Brian Higgins and Emin Egriu in NY-26.

Even a special election that will decide whether Democrat Max Della Pia or Republican Joe Sempolinski will represent the former 23rd congressional district in the southern part for the last four months of resigned Rep. Tom Reed’s term is unlikely to draw hordes of voters. .

Erie County Board of Elections officials said late Tuesday afternoon that if current trends continue, primary voter turnout would be around 13%.

There are also Republican and Democratic primaries in Erie County’s 61st State Senate District. These races feature Senator Sean Ryan and Benjamin Carlisle in the Democratic primary and Senator Edward Rath and Joel Giambra in the Republican primary.

The Buffalo News will have seven reporters and two photographers on the ground to cover New York’s rare August election, an event that has been delayed by lawsuits over the state’s once-a-decade reshuffle of congressional districts and of the state legislature.

From 8:30 p.m., we will bring you the reports of journalists covering the candidates here.

Follow their reports and tweets below as politics interrupt a month best known for the holidays and baseball.

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