London Politics News LIVE: Dame Cressida Dick’s resignation sparks row between Sadiq Khan and Priti Patel


Robert Courts: ‘It is clear that the relationship has been severed between the Mayor and of course Dame Cressida’

Transport Minister Robert Courts said the relationship between Dame Cressida and Sadiq Khan appeared to be broken.

Speaking to Sky News, he said: “It is clear that the relationship has broken down between the mayor and of course Dame Cressida.

“It’s a shame, but I think what we need to do now is focus on the future and start solving all the issues that will be on the minds of the people of London.

“It would have been better if it had been handled in a way that meant the relationship hadn’t broken down, but it clearly did – both parties have said so – so I just acknowledge the fact that this relationship broke down, which is unfortunate, but like I said, we’re here and we have to look forward.

Dame Cressida resigned from her post on Thursday

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Boris Johnson will ‘fall’ from office if he loses Cabinet confidence, says senior Tory

Boris Johnson will “fall” from office if he loses the Cabinet’s confidence, a senior Tory official said on Friday.

Lord Willetts, a former universities minister and party whip nicknamed ‘Two Brains’, has made it clear that prime ministers can be removed by more than a vote of confidence from MPs.

He also called for a reshuffle in the government to strengthen the role of cabinet ministers.

“Johnson’s own style of government needs a strong and effective Cabinet Office with a clear but limited role and trusted by respected cabinet ministers,” wrote the peer, who served in government for two decades, on the ConservativeHome website.

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Cressida Dick: Runners and runners to replace Met Police commissioner

Speculation has already begun over who will replace Dame Cressida Dick as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

Dame Cressida announced on Thursday that she would step down after losing the support of London Mayor Sadiq Khan following a series of scandals during his tenure as head of Britain’s largest police force.

With no clear favorite to replace the incumbent commissioner, here’s a look at some of the likely candidates.

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UK economy sees growth in 2021

The UK economy grew by 7.5% in 2021, reports the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The growth has been the fastest since the ONS started recording figures in 1948.

However, this growth comes after a 9.4% drop in the economy.


“Sadiq Khan mishandled this” – Susan Hall

London Tory leader Susan Hall says Sadiq Khan mishandled the resignation of Dame Cressida Dick.

Speaking to the BBC, she said: ‘I think Sadiq Khan has handled this extremely badly.

“Confidence in the police is currently at an all time low and that won’t help either. I think the way he told the media he warned her he should have spoken behind closed doors.

“He also renewed his contract only a few months ago. If he was so unhappy, then I would wonder why he did that?”


Hello, here are your best stories for Friday

— Dame Cressida Dick tendered her resignation on Thursday. She was due to meet Sadiq Khan but instead resigned as Met Police commissioner.

– In a speech on Thursday, former Prime Minister Sir John Major claimed Boris Johnson had damaged the UK’s reputation. He also said Mr Johnson should resign if he is found to have breached the Covid restriction.

– Mr. Johnson also visited Poland. In a speech, he claimed the state was “essential” to Europe’s security amid fears Russia could invade Ukraine.

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