Maryam urges SC to stay away from Imran’s politics


PML-N Deputy Chairperson Maryam Nawaz on Saturday urged the Supreme Court to steer clear of PTI Chairperson Imran Khan’s policy, which she said was dragging the courts into the political thicket to tilt the balance in his favour.

Addressing a public rally in Bahawalpur, Maryam called out the former prime minister for first dragging institutions into politics before resorting to profanity against them when decisions did not favor him.

The PML-N leader’s request to the highest court comes after the PTI’s decision earlier Saturday to move the Supreme and High Courts over the ‘violence’ inflicted on PTI workers and supporters by the government during its recent Azadi march. to Islamabad.

“We are presenting the petition to the Supreme Court on Monday and asking whether or not a peaceful protest in this country is a right of a democratic party. Let us know clearly if this harassment will continue if we stage a peaceful protest,” Imran said. Khan. .

” Today it [Imran Khan] went to the Supreme Court and thinks the courts are bound to help him where he fails,” Maryam told the rally.

“Is it the job of the courts to come to his aid whenever he stumbles?” she asked.

She warned the PTI leader that the revolution he was trying to push through the Supreme Court would be rejected by the Pakistani people.

“Therefore, with respect, I want to ask the Supreme Court to keep away from the policy of this anarchist because the Supreme Court is an institution of Pakistan and it must remain impartial,” she added.

Maryam continued to berate the former prime minister for giving the country nothing but poverty, inflation and incivility. She challenged Imran Khan to name just one positive contribution he made to the country.

She said Imran’s long march spat out, and this time he asked the Supreme Court for help.

Maryam said all the lofty promises Imran Khan tried to sell at the time to make South Punjab a province were lies, adding that he completely forgot about the region once he came to power .

Referring to Imran Khan’s claims of a foreign plot to overthrow him, the PML-N leader said that Pakistan was not threatened by foreign powers but by Imran.

“Pakistan is threatened by fitna and fasad (disorder and anarchy).”

“Imran will be blamed for IMF conditions”

Defending the government’s decision to withdraw fuel subsidies, she said the government needed to raise the prices of petroleum products to meet the demands of the agreement between Imran Khan and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“Shehbaz Sharif has announced the largest 28 billion rupee relief package for the nation in the history of Pakistan,” Maryam said, adding that Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz will pull the country out of crisis within months.

She claimed the former prime minister couldn’t attract even 25,000 people for his long march, but claims the party was ill-prepared.

“You failed to prepare for the march, but you prepared to set fire and attack the police?

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