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Bronx: The New York Times expose revealed possible problems in some Jewish religious schools. He also acknowledged that some of these schools are doing much better than average.

However, for me, the most shocking fact of the article was the seemingly flippant comparison of these schools with public schools in New York. For those who haven’t read it, one of the things measured was the pass rate on standardized tests for NYC public school students. The authors noted, without comment and seemingly without issue, that the pass rate for these students was less than 50%. When you look, it’s actually 49%.

Where is the outrage that should come with this number? We have been pumping money into education and educators in public schools for years. Whenever there is a problem, the response from professional educators is always more money so public schools can do a better job. Well, they didn’t do any better, although money was constantly being poured into them. I understand that New York City currently spends $28,000 a year for each student in their schools.

Private schools and most religious schools do a much better job with much less money. It is time that we discard the education theories that have failed in our current schools of education and look at what other schools are doing right. We spend the necessary money on education, but it is clear that we are not spending it in a way that educates our young people. Kenneth Gelnick

Darien, Conn. : Kudos to the voice Betty Weisblum. I was never introduced to Santa Claus or his helpers either. Advertising the religion by wearing necklaces with crosses or stars only exposes the fact that your “hooks” are missing something to gain a larger army of support. Dan Singer

Cincinnati: Russian political culture is significantly different from what we usually think of as culture. Russian music, ballet and literature rival the best in the West. Their political tradition, spawned by tsarist autocracy followed by the totalitarian beliefs of communism, however wallows in the worst the world has seen. Vladimir Putin is an integral part of this tradition. His regime’s war crimes are not aberrant but are woven from the same bloody fabric. He and his army pride themselves on brutality, though to appease Western sensibilities they lie about their crimes. Whatever the end of the Russian-Ukrainian war, it is unlikely that a sanction will be imposed by the world community. Paul Bloustein

Far Rockaway: To The Voicer Ron Goldman: You have the audacity to talk about Serena Williams’ behavior and not mention that Denis Shapovalov hit a tennis ball in anger and fractured his chair socket? Or when Novak Djokovic was disqualified at the US Open for punching a linesman in the face? As you continue to let the Serena incident rent space in your head, just remember that she is a legend and the best tennis player in the Open Era. By the way, Serena didn’t apologize to Naomi Osaka! Serena demanded an apology from Carlos Ramos! Ora Reed

Brooklyn: Same for Voicer Louie Scarcella. Joseph N. Cunningham was also my heart surgeon. He was the best. Maimonides will be missed. John D Blank

Bronx: My children and I eat every day and I’m very grateful for that. I’m grateful for the food stamps I have. After 53 years, I’ve worked hard enough and invested enough in the system that I don’t feel bad about taking food stamps just yet when I’m in a bad spot. I just want everyone to know that the person next door who needs help is your neighbor. Throggs Neck is not a good community for neighbors. There are many here who go hungry a few days a month and there is no one to help them. People go to mafia loan sharks for a few dollars to hold them off until they get their food stamps. Some people sell themselves. I have not done it yet. There are no more good neighbours, no one tries to help. Don’t believe any of those commercials you see on TV. Linda Duncan

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Manhattan: No word on arrests in the recent Bronx post office robbery (“Bx. Postman Assaulted,” Sept. 7), but I expect postal inspectors to resolve the matter quickly. The NYPD and FBI are top notch agencies, there’s no doubt about it, but it was the postal inspectors who solved the almost forgotten case of the 1923 mail train bombing outside London. tunnel in the mountains of Oregon, an investigation that spanned three continents and culminated in the capture of the three D’Autremont brothers in 1927. Some say it was this case that ushered in the era forensic investigations. Aydin Torun

Kearny, New Jersey: Will Democrats ever learn to fight, or are they so used to giving their lunch money to bullies without even being asked? How do you deal with punks like Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis sending buses and planes of immigrants to NYC, DC, Chicago and Martha’s Vineyard? How about offering violent criminals, gang members, pedophiles and drug dealers early release if they get on a bus and agree to live in Florida or Texas for a year? And at the federal level, how about punishing these ugly states by cutting aid to Texas by 20% and Florida by 15%, which is how much these welfare queens get from the federal government compared to how much do they pay? It’s time to play some hardball – if weaklings like Governor Hochul, Phil Murphy, Mayor Adams and Sleepy Joe even know what that means. Jean Woodmaska

Yonkers: So a GOP election official was arrested in a ballot scam (“Republican Election Fraud,” Editorial, September 15). Rightly so, but of course the Democratic Party is sinless. They would never think of something so criminal that could lead to the election of a totally incompetent and corrupt politician or a laughing moron. Ralph A. Manente

Bronx: I tried to watch CBS’ Big Brother twice in 20 years, but gave up. I can’t find any tradable social content in it. I truly believe it was designed by fools and watched over by fools in turn! Chet Walker

Bronx: Please bring back the “Zits” comic. I need that daily laugh! Bonnie Mellusi

Long Branch, NJ: The 1951 Los Angeles Dodgers lost the biggest ‘division’ lead? They were in Brooklyn and there was no division. Mike Lupica on Sunday (“All Up for Judge’s Home Run Summer Date Viewing,” column, Sept. 11) said Aaron Judge was the only Yankee besides Babe Ruth to hit 50 circuits more than once. Mickey Mantle reached 52 and 54 in 1956 and 1961, respectively. Pathetic! Jim Tracy

Rockaway Park: I agree with Voicer Dylan Yeats about the strange outpourings of love for the British Queen by Americans. The whole family is actually partly descended from Germany – Germans always try to rule countries, if they can. Her husband’s real surname was Mountbatten, an evolution of the German name Battenberg, and three of her sisters married Nazis. The so-called royal jewels were plundered from Africa when the British occupied parts of the continent. The queen waved and was nice to everyone – shouldn’t we all be? And she wore nice clothes and raised Corgis. So what? Did she give puppies to poor children in England? She was mean to her sister and didn’t stand up for her when her sister wanted to marry a divorced man. Queen Elizabeth followed the rules of the monarchy, lived a pampered life and behaved well. I would at least do that. Is not it? Graves of Ruth

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