Taliban provide Iran with security for diplomatic sites in Afghanistan – Politics News

In a phone conversation on Monday, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian and Acting Head of the Afghan Foreign Ministry Amir Khan Muttaqi held talks on issues of common concern.

Expressing deep regret for recent events and attacks on Iranian diplomatic missions in Kabul and Herat, Muttaqi reassured Amirabdollahian of the full security of Iranian diplomatic missions, diplomats and personnel in Afghanistan.

Amirabdollahian stressed in the phone conversation that several million Afghan brothers and sisters have been Iran’s hosts for more than 40 years and have access to necessary and appropriate facilities.

The Iranian Foreign Minister regretted that the negative, targeted and misleading propaganda on certain social networks by enemies and opponents of the good relations between the two neighboring countries of Iran and Afghanistan could have caused disturbing events, reported the Foreign Ministry website.

Amirabdollahian also referred to his talks with the Afghan side earlier this month on the sidelines of the foreign ministers conference of Afghanistan’s neighbors in the Chinese city of Tunxi.

He stressed that Iran has a positive and constructive view of Afghanistan and that exchanging delegations for bilateral cooperation, sending humanitarian aid and keeping its diplomatic missions open to serve the Afghan people are all comply with this policy.

Amirabdollahian said that it is obvious that Iran expects the other side to cooperate sufficiently and earnestly to provide full security for Iranian diplomatic missions and diplomats, control borders and prevent illegal migrants from crossing the border, and also to fulfill its commitments under binding bilateral agreements, including those regarding Iran’s water rights and border waters.

The Iranian Foreign Minister further welcomed the decision of the Afghan caretaker government to ban the cultivation of narcotics in the country and said Iran is ready to work with Afghanistan to develop the alternative cultivation. Amirabdollahian also expressed hope that cooperation between Iran and Afghanistan will solve the problem of drug trafficking.

Muttaqi, for his part, appreciated the Iranian government and people for their hospitality and providing many services to the Afghan people in difficult times.

He stressed Afghanistan’s determination to expand relations and cooperation with Iran in accordance with the interests of the two Muslim neighbors.

Muttaqi also assured that the caretaker government of Afghanistan would spare no effort to allay the concerns of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He also spoke about Iran’s water rights, welcomed Iran’s decision to send a specialized delegation to Afghanistan for this purpose and reaffirmed Afghanistan’s seriousness in its fight against drugs.

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