Tamil speaker Manian returns to politics and announces new outfit

Nearly two years after stepping down, famed Tamil orator Tamilaravi Manian announced his return to politics on Thursday, this time wearing an outfit bearing the name of late Congress stalwart K Kamaraj.

A former congress leader himself, Manian was appointed by superstar Rajinikanth in 2020 to oversee and coordinate preparations for the actor’s proposed party launch at the time, before stepping back for health reasons.

Shortly after Rajinikanth’s decision, Manian also announced that he was quitting politics, saying that “there is no value for honesty, truth and discipline and there is nothing to achieve in the world of politics which does not distinguish between a ruby ​​and pebbles”. headed “Gandhiya Makkal Iyakkam”, an outfit named after Mahatma Gandhi, announced on Thursday the launch of “Kamarajar Makkal Iyakkam”, named after the former chief minister. On his return, Manian said it is our duty to push forward good politics with a focus on public welfare at a time when politics of money and politics of hate are the buzzwords in Tamil Nadu.

He said he could not limit himself to the “selfish” aspects of his own and his family’s welfare and decided to work again to bring about Kamraj rule in the state.

Kamaraj was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu between April 1954 and October 1963.

A highly respected leader with an unblemished record in public life, his rule is often hailed as Tamil Nadu’s golden era by many, even crossing party lines today.

Manian urged all those who are service-minded and those who say “the system has collapsed” to join his new venture.

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