Visit Andaman Prison, learn the story of Savarkar: Minister K’taka of Siddaramaiah

BJP leaders continued to target Congress leader Siddaramaiah for his remark and comments against VD Savarkar with Karnataka energy minister V Sunil Kumar on Friday urging the former chief minister to visit Karnataka’s cell prison. ‘Andaman and to know the story of the contribution of the Hindutva ideologue to the struggle for freedom.

The statement comes at a time when activists from Hindu organizations and the BJP continued their protests against the former chief minister, and he was reportedly shown a black flag today during his visit to Chikkamagaluru.

”Savarkar is known as Veer Savarkar for his contributions to India’s freedom struggle. Siddaramaiah belittles Savarkar because the former does not fully know the story. If he had known the story fully, he wouldn’t have spoken that way,’ Kumar told Udupi.

”I urge him to visit Andaman Cellular Prison…if you see this prison, tears will come to your eyes, you will understand the kind of struggle of the Indians, the cruelty of the British. If you have time, visit the prison and then talk about Savarkar”, he said, adding that ”Savarkar is the symbol of nationalism”.

The Leader of the Opposition in the State Assembly on Tuesday, accusing the BJP of creating communal tensions in the district headquarters town of Shivamogga on August 15, had raised questions about the attempts to install the the photo of Savarkar in a predominantly Muslim area.

”They tried to put Savarkar’s picture in a Muslim area. Let them post any photo, no problem. But why do that in a Muslim area? And, why did they say ‘no’ to Tipu Sultan’s photo?” he said.

Following the remarks, activists from Hindu organizations and the BJP had started protesting against Siddaramaiah, and there were instances of eggs being thrown at his car and black flags being waved during his visit to Kodagu on Thursday.

The protests were not initiated by anyone, they were an outburst of public sentiment, Kumar said, adding: Young people today are in no mood to accept Siddaramaiah’s derogatory remarks against Savarkar. .

“Siddaramaiah can’t stand people with ‘kumkum’ on their foreheads, he questions the posting of Savarkar’s picture in the Muslim area. He is known for his divisive nature and people are not willing to accept it, so there are protests,” he said, adding, however, that his party would not support any means of violent protest.

Questioning Siddaramaiah’s remark on the “Muslim area”, BJP National General Secretary CT Ravi asked whether these Muslim-dominated areas in the state are part of Pakistan, according to the Congress leader.

”The mentality that the photo should not be displayed in the Muslim area is not in the interest of the country. Today they question the photo of Savarkar, tomorrow they will question the tricolor hoisting in this region, then they will say that the law of this country is not applicable in their region and that “shariat” will be followed , then they will say they are part of Pakistan,” he told Karwar.

Such divisive ideas that Congress and Siddaramaiah harbor are dangerous for the country, Ravi added.

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